VOTE – Should a new Grimsby Town stadium contain an area for safe standing?

photo 2For this week’s column in the Grimsby Telegraph I wanted to explore the possibility of any new stadium having an area of safe standing. Reading Alan Buckley’s autobiography made me long for those days of 12,000+ attendances with the roar of the Pontoon heard for miles. Part of that atmosphere was due to the fact most of the ground was a standing area. And while I may not personally want to stand at football matches anymore, if it’s safe to do so shouldn’t people be given the option?

I don’t want to repeat what I’ve written elsewhere, so for the full piece you can read it here:

It’s been a long time since Hillsborough when, rightly, the law was changed to make football grounds safer. But with the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) now campaigning to look at the issue again, should there be a debate between the club and supporters to see if an area at the new ground should be standing only? I’m told the Mariners Trust have already had discussions about this with the club and that’s a huge positive. So today’s blog is a simple one – do you think a new ground should have an area of safe standing? Have your say by voting below and/or leave a comment. I’ll post the results in a forthcoming blog.

Happy New Year!

One comment

  1. Not in favour because it is more enjoyable for all the family if a ground has seats. We need to be looking ahead to gaining promotion hopefully to the Championship where larger crowds are inevitable. All seater stadiums are essential to maintaining safety at this level.
    We should be concentrating at the design, capacity and finance before pushing this through to give our town and football club a real boost.
    Why cannot we get FULL support and backing by the council. They should be ashamed of themselves. This stadium is essential for the town. Just look at the success of Doncaster, Scunthorpe recently and clubs further afield. They all invested and reaped the rewards.

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