Marcus Marshall turns down Luton, can’t play for Bury and it’s all the fault of #GTFC!

Very strange updates this evening in the ongoing Marcus Marshall saga. As we all know Bury recalled Marshall from his season long loan after they accepted an offer from Luton Town for the player. It’s transpired this afternoon that Marshall won’t be going to Luton. And it’s all, according to Bury manager Kevin Blackwell, Grimsby Town’s fault.

Here’s what is believed to have happened.

When Bury and the Mariners agreed to extend Marshall’s loan until the end of the season, Bury inserted a 24-hour recall clause into the deal. There’s now debate as to whether Bury were actually allowed to insert such a clause at all. Bury boss Kevin Blackwell told a local journalist this evening the FA agreed to the deal when they shouldn’t have.

As a result, when Luton made a bid and Bury recalled the winger, Grimsby Town made a complaint to the FA to stop Marshall signing for Luton – whether he wanted to or not. This has angered Blackwell, who, according to the same journalist, is blaming Town for stopping the Luton deal from going through.

Paul Hurst has told the media today Marshall has turned down Luton and so now the player is in limbo. The blame, however, seems to lie with Bury. The FA rules (and thanks to Sophie Bray for finding this) clearly state the rules which Bury seemed to have missed. In particular:

53.2.1 Subject to the proviso that the duration of a Standard Loan must be the time between two Transfer Windows, Standard Loans can be for half a Season or a full Season. Any recall clause requiring the early termination of a Standard Loan can only be included in a full Season Standard Loan and this can only be activated during the second (January) Transfer Window. Any other early termination of a Standard Loan must be by way of a mutual agreement in writing (including by way of a recall clause within the Standard Loan Agreement) between both Clubs and the Player but can only be completed after the expiry of 28 days and only during a Transfer Window (but subject to Regulation 53.2.2 below).

53.2.2 A Player whose Standard Loan expires (or terminates) on completion of his Loaning Club’s League Matches will not be eligible to play for his Parent Club in any remaining League Matches in that Season notwithstanding the fact that such expiry or termination occurs during a Transfer Window.

53.2.3 Notwithstanding the provisions of Regulation 53.2.1, a Standard Loan of a goalkeeper (but not otherwise) may be subject to a recall clause exercisable at any time. Any recall may only be implemented in extenuating circumstances and with the consent of the Executive, such extenuating circumstances to be determined in the Executive’s absolute discretion. A goalkeeper shall not be permitted to resume any Standard Loan following the exercise of a recall.

As a result, this cock-up seems to mean Marcus Marshall won’t be going to Luton, now cannot play again for Bury and looks as though will end up back at Grimsby on loan until the end of the season by default!

EDIT – Paul Buckle tells the BBC the Marcus Marshall deal is dead –


  1. I am still not completely grasping the situation. The way I’m reading it is that the player can go back and play for the parent club if there is a written agreement between loan club and parent club. Am i right?
    As there is no agreement he remains in limbo unless the loan club want him back.

    • There are several aspects as far as I can see – firstly you cannot recall someone in the first 28 days of a long term loan, secondly if you do recall someone from a loan they cannot play for their parent club until the end of the season, thirdly you can only recall someone if they are being transferred. It’s very, very messy and I feel sorry for Marshall as the innocent party.

  2. Basically, we initially signed Marshall on a short term (one month) loan.

    Then Bury agreed to extend it to the end of the season (May 5th) which was signed and confirmed on 1st Jan – this, in my eyes although not sure what official ruling is, can’t be deemed as a ‘full season’ long loan? It has to be a culmination of a one month short term loan and then a separate deal of a half season long loan.

    24 hour recalls can ONLY be inserted into a deal if it is a full season long loan and be activated during the second transfer window, as expressed in the first clause – that would mean Bury could recall Marshall without permission.

    For a half season loan, mutual agreement in writing has to be agreed by the two clubs – but the recall can only be made after 28 days of the loan period.

    Marshall resigning at GTFC for the remainder of the season is a SEPARATE deal to his first month loan, therefore he cannot be recalled until after 28 days; this was signed on 1st Jan (start of the transfer window) and it’s clearly not 28 days after.

    If Bury were smart, they could have waited until transfer deadline day and pushed it through then – 28 days would have passed.

    Although, in the midst of all of this, the understanding is that Marshall has stated he doesn’t want to go there.

    Seems like Blackwell has properly thrown his toys out of the pram because he can’t help his old club out!

    • A recall has to be mutual though. So the club signing the player would have to agree to the termination which I am guessing wouldn’t happen. And even if they did agree the player couldn’t play for his contracted club again until the next transfer window opened.

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