Save Rushden and Diamonds Football Club

As a supporter of a non-league football club, and boy does it pain me to say that, I have a lot of sympathy for the likes of Wrexham and Rushden who face their club going out of business. As much as I complain about John Fenty’s attempts at public relations, without his money and efforts in balancing the books we’d have gone into administration a long time ago.

The Rushden and Diamonds story seems to have come totally out of the blue. The Two Hundred Percent blog has an excellent article up detailing the whole situation in quite some depth and I’d urge anyone interested to read that. The simple version is that new owners (who incidentally where in charge at Weymouth before that club came crashing down) have come in and the club now owes £750,000 to various parties. A side that played with steel and skill under ex-Spurs defender Justin Edinburgh and narrowly missed out on the Play Offs finds themselves with a substantial list of creditors and an uncertain future.

Fans have set up a website and an 18-point plan to try and save their club. It’s a pretty inspiring tale when you look at what they are trying to achieve, it feels so much like they have had the rug pulled from under them. Anyone interested in learning more about the club’s plight should visit If any fan wants to write a guest article on the club’s plight and offer more details of how people can help save the club please let me know.

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