Getting your facts right, the ‘sickening’ behaviour of fans and ‘gimping off’ – another day at Grimsby Town

photo 3When I write a blog, 99% of the time what you read is my first and only draft. I try and keep what I write as honest and concise as possible, as if I was talking in the pub with mates. This post has been much harder to write – it’s been written and re-written, drafted and amended and drafted again. I’ve found it difficult to convey the exasperation I had for John Fenty’s ‘getyourfactsright’ posts on The Fishy. But I also wanted to put my points across in as adult a fashion as possible. In short, I’m not telling anyone to ‘gimp off’. Continue reading

4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-3-1-2, 3-4-3…what’s in a formation?

2010_9_9-2010_9_9_17_9_0-jpg-26441I know that pre-season is a time for experimentation and I have absolutely no concern over any results at this stage of the campaign, but anyone else looking at some of the formations used so far with a slight rise of an eyebrow? In the grand scheme of things, what do we learn about a 2-1 defeat at Matlock? Zilch – we learn more about players and how they’re settling in and the possibility of plans A, B and C starting to take shape. Continue reading

Footballer makes silly comment, angers fans (plus kissing badges and other football cliches)


“There is no chance of me going to another Conference side because in my eyes Grimsby Town is the best club in the division – that’s why I signed for them in the first place.” – Alex Rodman, 14 May 2014.

Footballers are great. Amongst the badge kissing and pseudo loyalty that we see far too often at the highest level, I’m sure there are some good honest professionals who actually love playing for their club and the adoration they receive by fans young and old. Some just say stuff to appease their paying public – and sometimes that comes back and haunts you. Continue reading

Match report: Cleethorpes Town 1 Grimsby Town 3

photo 2Pre-season results mean little. You can beat sides 12-1 and still get relegated, so whether or not you thrash sides who play several leagues below you is not really the point of turning up to watch your local side on a cold and windy July evening. It was more like the middle of October than the middle of summer. Performances at this early stage don’t matter that much either, it’s all about fitness and blowing away the cobwebs as Paul Hurst has suggested before the game. Continue reading